Strategic Objectives & Future

Strategic Objectives & FutureIn 2014, Eurocorp celebrated 25 years of presence in the financial and investment services sector, always a pioneer in cooperations with continental Europe and particularly the Eurozone countries. Our main goal is to advance the development of cross-border financial services as is required by the modern European Business Framework.

Particularly today, serving these requirements assumes the continuous investment for the possibility of offering integrated solutions to every single investor without the goographical restrictions of the past. Thus, in the end of 2014, reacting to the requirements of the new era, we established our Paris branch, in order to substantially extend and expand the activities of our group.

Eurocorp Investment Services SA and its subsidiaries are now 100% owned by Colbert Participations S.A. based in Luxembourg, a country that became the benchmark for the international financial industry. It is the second largest Investment Funds center globally and is characterized by the international organizations for its stability and security.