Global Execution in 40 Stock Exchanges


Europe Europe America Asia
Xetra Lisbon NYSE Tokyo
London (LSE/LI/AIM) Vienna Amex Hong Kong
Paris (Entx) Prague SE Nasdaq Singapore
Amsterdam (Entx) Warsaw SE Sangai
Swiss (Vrtx) Bucharest SE Australia
Milan Sofia Thailand
Spain Instabul Jakarta
Stockholm (OMX) Copenhagen (OMX) Malaysia
Oslo(OMX) Helsinski (OMX)


Order Handling & Execution in International Markets

Having access to over 40 international exchanges, the desk offers various types of orders and execution strategies. All execution types, market orders, limit orders, good till cancelled, VWAP, are continuously monitored, so that the clients, both individuals and institutionals, ensure the best possible execution.

For the main European and US markets the desk offers full time coverage, while for the Asian markets standing orders are used.