Wealth Management

Asset Management & Private BankingEurocorp Wealth Management Services include Discretionary Asset Management and Investment Advisory Services that allow combinations of individual investors’ different needs, investment requirements, targets and degrees of freedom they wish to delegate regarding investment decision making.

Having exclusively investment know-how, we offer a wide range of investment products and services to private investors, family offices and corporates.

Our task is to help you in managing your wealth with strategic choices both domestically and globally.

Discretionary Mandates

Discretionary asset management is offered to clients wishing active portfolio management undertaken by experienced managers based on clients’ risk / return profile (Growth, Balanced, or Conservative) and preferred currency. Portfolios are structured and adjusted according to market developments, reflecting always the investment profile and contractual specifications. Active management involves a transparent procedure, utilizing different asset classes and types of securities… Direct picking process focuses in the European and US markets, while ETFs and International Funds are utilized for portfolio exposure in other investment categories.

Advisory Services

Addressed mainly to investors wishing to retain the ultimate control of their investment choices but at the same time having access to investment advice from our specialized team for a wide range of investment options. By evaluating and deciding upon recommendations, the investors structure their portfolio, themselves

Advisory services include:

  • Asset allocation Strategies, taking into account risk-reward criteria
  • Trading & Investment Ideas, which aim at short term market trend strategies
  • With the support of the investment team you have immediate access to ongoing information. Our experts can assist your journey in the increasing complexity of the financial products.

Indicatively we offer:

  • Portfolio analysis and asset allocation proposals
  • Active investment advice
  • Hedging strategies
  • Immediate execution follow ups
  • Periodic reports across all asset classes

Investment Process

In Eurocorp Investment Services we believe in active management. We perform our own research applying qualitative and quantitative criteria from a group of experts. Our primary target is to seek and find investment opportunities.

The portfolios may include all forms of asset classes such as equities, bonds, funds and derivatives.

Asset Allocation Guidelines are defined by Eurocorp’s investment committee which is composed of people with a long experience and diverse specialization in wealth management.

Our Portfolios

The management team, through a structured investment process, structures and adjusts distinct model portfolios according to the investment target, time horizon, and the required risk/reward relation, always recognizing the uniqueness of the client’s investment profile. These models portfolios are adjusted on a strategic and on tactical level of asset allocation.

These funds are available in three distinct risk/return profiles (Growth, Balanced, Conservative)

  • Conservative Portfolios
    The client undertakes a low investment risk and a short to medium investment horizon is recommended (1-3 years)
  • Balanced Portfolios
    The client undertakes a medium investment risk and a medium to long investment horizon is recommended (over 3 years)
  • Growth (Aggressive) Portfolios
    The client undertakes a high investment risk and a long investment horizon is recommended (over 5 years)

Our model portfolios provide access to the domestic and global markets and provide the alternative choices among various investment categories. Indicative portfolios include the Greek Growth Portfolio, Global Equity Thematic Portfolio, Global Allocator Portfolio and the Multi Asset Manager Portfolio.