Certified Executives

Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

All investment services of EUROCORP Group are provided by certified personnel.

Certifications are provided either by the Greek Capital Markets Commission, or the Bank of Greece or the Athens Stock Exchange, or certifications equivalent and recognized official regulatory authorities of the European Union or the United States of America.

The Heads of central departments of Investment Services of EUROCORP Group and their respective certifications are:

Ion Koufopantelis

Chairman of the Board and Head of Corporate Finance.

Certification (c) Portfolio Management

Ioli Valtzi

Vice President of the BoD and Wealth Management

Certification (c) Portfolio Management

Seraphim Katsaros

General Manager & Head of Wealth Management

Certification (c) Portfolio Management

Konstantine Konstantopoulos

Head of the Dealing Room

Certification (c) Portfolio Management

Beside the above certified executives, of the key investment services of EUROCORP Group, the headquarters, branches and associate representatives are staffed with personnel who have the necessary certifications enabling them to professionally serve the Group’s customers.

In every office of the EUROCORP Group there is a special list with the names of the Certified executives.

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