Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange Traded FundsETF’s provide the ability of easy and effective investment in a multitude of products with global coverage.

They can track international market indices such as S&P 500 or Nikkei 225, or specific sectors e.g.: energy, metals & mining or particular products such as oil, agriculural etc.

ETF’s are traded in the form of common shares and provide investors the ability to hedge or diversify their portfolio with a simple and efficient way.


Ticker Name Underline Index
510050CH China 50 ETF SSE50Index
Spy us Sprider Trust series 1 S&P 500
QQQQ US Power Share QQQ Nasdaq 100
2823 HK i-Shares FTSE/XINHUA A50 Chi. FTSE/Xinhua China A
FAZ US Dirextion Daily Finl Bear 3x Russell 1 000 Financial Index
EEM US i-Shares MSCI Emergin Markets MSCI Emerging Market Index
SDS US ProShares UltraShort S&P 500 S&P 500
FAS US Direxion Daily Fin Bull 3x Russell 1 000 Financial Index
UNG US Us Natural Gas Fund LP Henry Hub Natural Gas MSCI
EWZ US i-Shares MSCI Brazil SPDR Brazil Index
GLD US Gold Trust London Gold Market Fixing
USO US Untited States Oil Fund LP West Texas Interm. Light

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