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Notice/declaration to our visitors

The content of this network site and any files attached thereto is property of EUROCORP. Its copying, use form a non-denominated recipient is contrary to the law. Given that the communications over internet are not safe, EUROCORP S.A. is not responsible for any loss of data or other loss of the recipient or third party due to the use or delayed dispatch, interception, distortion or contamination form a virus of this network site. The visitor is exclusively responsible for the protection of his system from a virus and for the confirmation of the content hereof. The content of this network site contains personal views of its author, and does not constitute a suggestion or urge to purchase or sell stocks at the money
markets of Greece or abroad.

Security of use

The access codes that you are using for your online transactions are strictly personal and may not be leaked out. Never disclose your Security Code (Password) to any third party.

Be extremely careful with anyone calling you claiming that he is a EUROCORP agent and asking you a personal data (User code, password, account number etc). Ignore such calls! EUROCORP shall never ask you your personal data.

The only personal data that we may ask you is the User Code (not PIN) and this will only happen if you call us to tell that you have been locked up from the system

Be careful with any e-mail asking you to reply by giving your personal data (User code, password, account number, etc). The sender of such e-mails claims to be EUROCORP and it is very easy to have its name in the field From. In fact, anyone claiming to be from EUROCORP is likely to tempt you claiming that they must deposit a significant amount in your account, etc and that for this purpose they need your data. Do not be misled. Ignore such e-mails! EUROCORP shall never ask you your personal data (and above all, it would never do it via e-mail that is not encrypted).

Be very careful with any e-mail containing a link with a page of EUROCORP (http://EUROCORP .gr) and especially the internet Trading page. Their sender is likely to attempt to mislead you on the page that at first sight reminds of the internet trading page. He wants to make you enter your data there, so as to intercept them. The same goes for links, banners, etc that are likely to appear on pages of other sites to mislead you to the alleged site of EUROCORP. Before entering your code, make sure you are on the proper page. Make sure the URL is EUROCORP.

For your convenience and security, store the EUROCORP address in the Favorites folder of the browser.

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